4 Reasons to Handle Your Dental Emergency Immediately

Emergency dentist visits have become a regular part of life in the US. In fact, CNBC reports that during the Halloween season alone, more than $800 million is typically spent on impromptu emergency dental visits. Dental emergencies often happen when least expected, but no matter the timing or inconvenience they bring, it is important to seek prompt treatment for significant dental issues.

An emergency dentist visit may seem unnecessary or unimportant in the first few moments after a problem arises, but if not addressed immediately, the problem could lead to more long-term concerns and costs. On top of that, dental problems can quickly lead to intense and lingering pain. Instead of tackling a dental emergency at home or through procrastination, make a trip to the dentist shortly after an emergency develops. This will allow you to avoid a range of even more painful dental issues.

An Emergency Dentist Visit Can Help Prevent Tooth Loss

If an issue arises with your teeth, the best way to prevent tooth loss is by going straight to an emergency dentist. According to the American Association of Endodontists, upwards of 5 million teeth are knocked out each year, but many of those can be saved with proper attention and an immediate trip to the dentist. Even if a tooth is knocked out entirely, emergency dentists can work to replant the tooth, thereby preventing tooth loss. Likewise, if swelling or infection are causing dental issues, dentists can use techniques like extracting the infection from the gums to avoid removing a tooth.

Emergency Dentist Visits Can Quickly Alleviate Pain

Sometimes when a dental crisis arises, over-the-counter solutions just won’t do. When experiencing intense pain, an emergency dentist visit is the best option. After examining the dental issue, the emergency dentist can provide the care needed, whether that involves tooth extraction for relief, removing the infected dental pulp with a root canal, or administering pain medicine directly to the affected area. There’s no need to suffer in pain and misery when a trip to the dentist can take care of the problem in short order.

An Emergency Dentist Can Stop the Spread of Infection

In worst-case scenarios, dental emergencies can go beyond simply affecting dental health and impact other parts of the body as well. When an infection arises in your mouth, teeth, or gums, if left untreated, the infection can spread to nearby teeth. Because there are so many blood vessels in the gums, an infection can also spread to other parts of the body including vital organs, thus endangering your overall health.

Emergency Dental Care Can Save Time and Money in the Long Term

While it may seem more convenient to put off visiting an emergency dentist when a tooth issue arises, if immediate dental care is needed but not pursued, that can spell long-term costs and even more extensive dental work. A toothache or major dental issue can disrupt your work schedule, academic studies, and even the activities you enjoy most, but if left untreated initially, dental emergencies can grow into even bigger issues. By taking care of the problem immediately with an emergency dentist visit, you can avoid additional pain and costs.

You should never avoid the health of your teeth to the point where you need emergency services. When you notice a problem occuring, it’s always best to address the issue right away to prevent the issue from getting worse. 

Tackling these concerns right away will help avoid any emergency dentist visits and keep your teeth and gums at their healthiest. If you are in need of an emergency procedure,  Aegis Dental always welcomes walkins with a warm smile and greeting. Please take note that walk in patients are worked into our existing schedule and there can sometimes be a short wait before being seen. For more information, visit our emergency dental page.

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