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Emergency Toothache Relief: Things to Do to Stop the Pain

Toothache is often caused by dental infection and typically results in pain that ranges from mild to unbearable. In some cases, it causes inflammation in the jaw and increased sensitivity to touch. This prevents the person from properly eating and chewing their food. Sometimes, the pain can be so severe it can no longer be … Read moreEmergency Toothache Relief: Things to Do to Stop the Pain

Pregnancy’s Impact on Oral Health

IN EXPECTANT MOTHER goes through many changes during pregnancy beyond the baby bump and some funny cravings. Unfortunately, some of the changes to oral health are not especially pleasant. Pregnancy Gingivitis and Hormones No matter how exciting and hectic pregnancy can be, never let it get in the way of daily brushing and flossing, because pregnancy is … Read morePregnancy’s Impact on Oral Health

The Different Types of Dentures

When a person has missing teeth, dentists would often recommend getting a synthetic replacement. Dentures, which are also sometimes called “false teeth,” are fitted to patients for various reasons, like regaining confidence in their smile. They also prevent facial muscles from sagging and help people eat and chew their food better. There are two main … Read moreThe Different Types of Dentures

Tooth Sensitivity: Causes and Treatments

NOTHING RUINS A COZY mug of hot cocoa faster than the jolt of pain from sensitive teeth. As many as one in eight people in the U.S. deal with tooth sensitivity, including kids! What causes it and what can we do to protect our teeth? Understanding Dental Anatomy In a healthy tooth, there is the protective … Read moreTooth Sensitivity: Causes and Treatments

Fighting Back Against Dental Anxiety

DENTAL PHOBIA AND anxiety are pretty common, affecting more than one in every ten Americans. That means that close to 40 million people avoid getting crucial preventative dental care, which in turn means that small, easy-to-fix dental problems can become big, painful, expensive ones before they’ll see a dentist. We hope we can help all of … Read moreFighting Back Against Dental Anxiety

Tips for Maintaining Your Oral Health

Your teeth are considered to be the hardest and strongest part of your body. But even though they are tough and durable, they can still get damaged over time. It is why people need to take care of their dental health and practice proper oral care by following these tips: Brush Your Teeth Regularly and … Read moreTips for Maintaining Your Oral Health

The Tooth Fairy and Its Counterparts Around the World

For some toddlers, losing their first baby tooth is a big deal for a few reasons. One, it can be seen as a milestone, a solid proof that they are growing. Second, they get to exchange that tooth for a coin or treat from the Tooth Fairy. The benevolent mythical being is famous in the … Read moreThe Tooth Fairy and Its Counterparts Around the World

Cold & Flu Season and Oral Health

COMING DOWN WITH the flu is never any fun, but it’s still no time to let up on your oral hygiene routine. The same applies if you get a cold. With flu and cold season starting up, we thought this was a good time to share some tips for maintaining good oral health through one of … Read moreCold & Flu Season and Oral Health

Have a Mouth-Healthy Halloween

DON’T FORGET TO take care of your teeth this Halloween! Check out our new blog post for a guide on which candies are best for oral health.

Sugar vs Our Teeth

SUGAR IS THE GREATEST nemesis of the dental profession and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy smile. Why? Because the harmful bacteria in our mouths love to eat it, then excrete acid onto our teeth as a waste product. It can lead to enamel erosion, tooth decay, and gum disease. This is why we encourage … Read moreSugar vs Our Teeth

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