Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure you can get here in Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center. It is done for a variety of reasons. One is when a person has a periodontal disease that slowly decays the teeth and infects the gums. The patient is surely bound to experience more pain as the teeth and gums in the surrounding area get infected as well. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to visit a dentist right away to get proper treatment and have the tooth pulled out.

But, a dentist may still recommend a patient to undergo a tooth extraction procedure even if they are not experiencing a toothache. This is what might happen when a person has an impacted tooth that prevents other teeth in the gums from erupting properly. The patient may not feel the pain now, but they will eventually do so when the impacted tooth causes damage to the other teeth in the area. To prevent this from happening, getting a tooth extraction procedure is highly necessary.

A tooth extraction procedure can be categorized into two main types: simple and surgical.

Simple Tooth Extraction
A simple tooth extraction procedure is typically done to relieve a patient of an excruciating toothache. This is especially so if the person has done some kind of emergency toothache relief, but the pain still did not go away. In a simple tooth extraction, local anesthesia is administered to numb the area that surrounds the tooth that will be pulled out. And then, the tooth will be loosened from the gums and will eventually be extracted from the roots. The whole process is done with the aid of proper dental tools, like elevators and forceps.

Surgical Tooth Extraction
This one is a more complex procedure, and it is more often done when there is an impacted tooth that prevents other teeth from erupting normally. This is normally the case with wisdom teeth that need to be removed to prevent them from causing problems in the future. The surgical tooth extraction cost is higher than a simple procedure because of the complexity of the process.

How to Determine If You Need Your Tooth Extracted?

Are you experiencing a severe toothache? Call Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center today! Our dentists will determine the cause of the discomfort and let you know whether an emergency tooth extraction is necessary.


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