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If a person has problems with the appearance of their teeth, they can consult a cosmetic dentist in Indiana and request the proper dental treatment. Cosmetic dentistry refers to any kind of oral procedure that aims to improve how a person’s teeth looks. They include, but are not limited to, straightening the teeth, whitening the crowns, and filling in gaps. Here at Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center, we offer various types of cosmetic dentistry procedures that are sure to help you gain more confidence in your smile. Read through the rest of this page to get an idea which one you should get:

Various Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Offered at Our Offices

A cosmetic dentist can help a patient with the following dental options to improve the appearance of their teeth:


  • Dentures – These are a removable set of artificial teeth. Dentures are commonly fitted onto a person who is missing some teeth or has a wide tooth gap in the front of their mouth. Here at Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center, we offer a fast and easy way to get your dentures. Just contact us or visit our office and inquire about our same-day dentures, which you can get on the same day they are fitted in your mouth.
  • Dental Implants – These are artificial teeth that are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw to replace missing molars. Dental implants replace teeth that have fallen or are missing due to decay and other oral problems. Consult our dentists today to learn more about dental implants.
  • Invisalign – There exists another teeth straightening procedure aside from getting metal braces. By using Invisalign, you can correct your crooked teeth without the hassle of having metals in your mouth.
  • Teeth Whitening – One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures, professional teeth whitening, is done to lighten the color of the crowns. The marks and stains on the enamel’s surface are removed, so the teeth no longer appear yellowish.

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We at Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center are committed to providing you with the dental care that you need. Call us if you need a cosmetic dentist today. Our professionals can definitely help make your teeth look better.


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