Aegis Dental Group Reviews and Testimonials

At Trusted Dentistry, we value the feedback, opinions, and reviews from our patients. They give us valuable insights into the quality of care we provide, our team, and the overall experience at our office. Plus, it allows us to maintain and further improve our services. Read on for some Trusted Dentistry reviews and testimonials.

“What a great experience. The staff at Angola Dental Center walked through all of the steps for my procedure with me, and was more than willing to answer any questions I had. I walked in to my appointment not wanting to smile because of the state of my teeth and walked out with a brand new smile!”
– Karrie Matevia

“I had an appointment and waited less than 10 minutes, was in and out within 45 minutes. Everyone was very nice and polite from the beginning of my visit until the end. Great place to go.”
– Jennefer Stephens

“I have a very good experience! They explained what all I needed done something other dentist didn’t do well. They are very friendly & welcoming. My cleaning had me feeling like a new person.”
– Katherine Fisher

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