Emergency Dentist in Indiana

Do you have a throbbing tooth? Are you up at night with dental pain? You do not have to suffer. Get the relief you deserve today with the help of an emergency dentist in Warsaw, IN here at Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center.

There is nothing worse than a toothache. That is why Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center also functions as a walk-in dental clinic that welcomes emergency patients and helps them get immediate pain relief. This means that, if you are experiencing an unbearable toothache, you can visit our dental center and get an emergency tooth extraction.

We have dental specialists who will always be there to assist you if ever you need a root canal procedure. Our emergency dentist in Warsaw, IN, and in our other branches, is also ready to repair your dentures or extract a decaying tooth. Each of our dental centers around Indiana will be open, six days a week, to provide you with the oral care you deserve. All you have to do is walk inside and speak with our receptionist. Even though we don’t have a dentist that opens on Sunday, we will surely find a way to squeeze you into our schedule.

Walk-Ins Welcome

Our walk-in dental clinic is open from Monday to Saturday. We can accommodate all dental patients during the following hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9AM to 3PM
Friday and Saturday: 9AM to 11AM
We always do our best to accommodate our walk-in patients, but they may have to fall in line and wait for their turn. Thankfully, we have a relaxing waiting room where they can watch TV, read magazines, and use the computer. Our chairs are neat and comfortable, and coffee is served in the room while they wait for an emergency dentist to treat their condition.

Walk-In Patients are worked into our existing schedule. There is sometimes a short wait to be seen. We have a great waiting room with TVs, magazines, comfortable chairs, computers and coffee.

Easy Payment Plans

Here at Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center, we firmly believe that finances should never come between you and good dental care. When you put off necessary treatment, problems worsen and expenses increase. So, we’ll do our best to eliminate financial obstacles. Please visit our Insurance / Payment Plan page to read about what we offer and how we accept & conveniently process your insurance.

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