How To Prepare For A Dental Emergency

EMERGENCIES ARE SO MUCH easier to deal with if we’ve prepared for them in advance, and that includes dental emergencies. You might be wondering what you can do to prepare for something like an unexpected tooth injury or dental health issue. It’s true that a dental emergency isn’t quite the same as a food shortage or … Read more

What Do I Do When I’ve Broken A Tooth?

The enamel that covers your teeth is considered to be the most mineralized and hardest tissue in your body. But, unfortunately, your enamel has its limits. If you were hit in the mouth or you bite down on something hard, your tooth might chip or break. A chipped or broken tooth may be more likely … Read more

Dentures Through History

TOOTH LOSS HAS BEEN a problem people have had to deal with all throughout history, and false teeth have been a solution since at least 2500 B.C. Dentures Through The Ages The oldest known false teeth were discovered in Mexico, made of wolf teeth. Millennia later, around 700 B.C., the ancient Etruscans would use gold bands or … Read more

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