Coronavirus Health and Safety Tips

CORONAVIRUS IS AFFECTING all of our lives right now as we work together to slow the spread of the virus, keep everyone safe, and stay positive. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of misinformation going around, and we want to make sure our patients are well-informed. Symptoms and Testing The main symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, shortness of … Read more

From Dental Health to Overall Health

WHEN WE THINK of being healthy, how much are we thinking about oral health? Just because we go to our dentists for oral health concerns and physicians for overall health concerns, it doesn’t mean there’s no connection between the two. The Mouth Is the Bridge Between Body and World If the eyes are the window to … Read more

What To Do if You Break, Chip, or Crack a Tooth

If you’re like 68% of Americans, you probably aren’t terribly concerned with the look of your teeth–that is until you chip, break, or lose a tooth. Each year, nearly 5 million people damage a tooth in an accident or because of periodontal disease or cavities. This can negatively affect the way your teeth look and … Read more

Oral Health and Eating Disorders

Eating Healthy

OUR BODIES NEED a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in order to function effectively, all the way to the cellular level. Eating healthy enough food and the right types of food is crucial to stay healthy, and this is a big part of what makes eating disorders such a dangerous problem. Not only is … Read more

Oral Health and What We Drink

Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center | Drinks That Can Affect Oral Health

WHAT WE DRINK can have a big impact on our oral health, sometimes in ways that seem counterintuitive. We want to take a look at some of the best and worst drinks for our teeth. Sugary Drinks Versus Oral Health It probably doesn’t surprise many people to hear that soda is pretty terrible for our teeth, but … Read more

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