4 Common Parenting Dental Care Mistakes

Here are some common mistakes that parents make that lead to a lifetime of dental issues for not only themselves but for their kids:

Giving kids candy whenever they want

If you start giving your kids chocolate, hard candy, and other unhealthy snacks whenever they want when they are young, they will go through their early years thinking that these treats aren’t that bad for them. Obviously, if you give your kids all that candy throughout their youth, their teeth will be destroyed by the time they reach high school. So whatever you do, don’t be the candy house.

Not visiting the dentist frequently

Whether you are taking your kids to the dentist a few times a year or not, if you aren’t going yourself, your kids will notice and start to pickup on your poor habits as well. The average time, unfortunately, people wait for another dental appointment is three years — don’t let this happen to you. You should visit the dentist at least two to three times and year and make it known that you’re doing so. Some adults visit the dentist with their kids and look miserable — imagine how that looks to the children.

Buying pop and other sugary drinks

Like candy, sugary beverages can rot teeth extremely fast. Although these products might seem fun and an easy way to score some cool points with your kids, they are extremely dangerous. Don’t buy any if you can, but if you have to purchase them, keep the quantity down so your kids aren’t constantly drinking these unhealthy beverages.

Talking about brushing teeth as a punishment

Another major mistake that parents frequently make is referring to dental care as a punishment. Again, think about how your kids will see this. You have to find a better way to convey the importance of proper dental care but not phrase it as punishment or something boring.

It’s time to start taking better care of your own teeth and certainly making sure your kids are taking care of theirs. Stop buying unhealthy products and change the way your family thinking about dental care. If you want to learn more about dental implants, the tooth removal process, or think it’s finally time to visit the dentist, contact Aegis Dental today.

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