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If you need a root canal, don't worry. Root canals have a bad reputation, but are really quite easy and painless. More than 96% of all root canal therapies performed at the Aegis Dental Group are painless, problem free, and successful in eliminating pain and saving the tooth.

When a tooth is severely decayed, infected, injured, or the nerve(s) in the tooth has died, a patient must decide to have the tooth removed or save the tooth with root canal therapy. If treatment is ignored, a patient may experience intense pain, swelling, throbbing, an unpleasant odor and taste, headaches, and/or sleeplessness. 

The problem with teeth and infections is that once a tooth's nerve tissue has started to degenerate and bacteria have taken up residence in the tooth's nerve area, there is no effective way for white blood cells to get at the bacteria to combat them. 

The idea behind having root canal treatment is that it provides the majority of the clean up work for your body by removing bacteria and tissue irritants that are present inside the tooth. This provides your body with an environment where its natural mechanisms can clear away residual bacteria and irritants, thus allowing complete healing to occur.

Root canals are not painful and in most cases can be completed in a single, one-hour appointment. The process of root canal treatment first removes bacteria, nerve tissue, and bacterial toxins from within the inner aspects of a tooth. Subsequently, once this space has been cleansed the second half of root canal treatment involves filling in and sealing the interior of the tooth. This aspect of the treatment is an attempt to minimize the possibility that bacteria will be able to recolonize the inner aspects of the tooth or that tissue fluids can seep inside the tooth, become stagnant, and subsequently break down. Within 24 hours following root canal therapy, inflammation is minimal and pain subsides.

Because vital tissue is removed during root canal therapy, the tooth will become brittle and susceptible to breakage. Therefore, the Doctors will recommend a post and crown to strengthen the tooth and ensure stability and longevity.  

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