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Immediate Dentures

You can enjoy the convenience of having your teeth removed and immediate dentures placed the same day. This saves you of the embarrassment of going without teeth. The disadvantage to immediate dentures is that routine adjustments are required as bone and tissue heal from extractions and other surgical procedures. It usually takes one year for healing to be complete. During this healing process, the patient may get sore spots and experience discomfort. The denture will need to be periodically adjusted and relined for a comfortable fit.


Often times we can have your dentures ready and your surgery scheduled within a few weeks from the time of your initial consultation. After Dr. Moore has diagnosed and planned treatment, impressions of your mouth will be taken and the dentures will be custom fabricated specifically for your mouth and aesthetic preferences.

An appointment to fit a wax model of the denture may be necessary for you and Dr. Moore to talk about the function, fit and look of the denture. The next visit will be scheduled for approximately 90 minutes to have your teeth removed and the new denture placed. This procedure can be comfortable and painless with the use of conscious sedation.

The alternative to immediate placement is to go without teeth throughout the early stages of the healing process then have a denture fabricated to fit your mouth in its healed state. This eliminates much of the follow-up care required for immediate dentures. 

For our patient's convenience, from start to finish, all treatment and procedures can be done by Dr. Moore right here in the office. You can have a new smile in just a few weeks!

Custom Dentures

Periodontal disease, excessive decay, the need for root canals and crowns, unpleasant aesthetics, pain... these are just a few reasons people decide to get dentures or partial dentures. 

Most people choose dentures when they have an immediate need for extensive dental treatment, but rather not invest a lot of time and money into restoring their teeth.It is a difficult decision, which is sometimes emotional and traumatic, so the staff at Angola Dental Center & Aegis Dental Group focus on connecting with patients and getting them through the process of dentures quickly and comfortably.

Most often patients can get dentures in a few appointments within a few weeks. 

The first appointment involves a consultation, and impressions and pictures of your mouth. 
The second appointment may be necessary for patients getting immediate dentures, replacement dentures or partial dentures who need to try in frame-work and/or evaluate a wax model for fit and aesthetics. 
The third appointment is when a patient has their teeth removed and their dentures put in place. This can be a pain-free appointment with the use of conscious sedation.


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