Why Brushing Alone Is Not Enough

Everybody wants to have a strong and healthy set of teeth. That is why people are told to practice proper oral hygiene by brushing their teeth at least twice a day: once in the morning and another one at night. Doing so eliminates bacteria in the mouth and flushes away food residue caught around the gums.

Brushing alone, however, may not be enough to make the teeth stronger and healthier. Read on to learn why this is the case and discover what ought to be done.

Improper Way of Brushing

The main reason brushing is not enough is the fact that many people do not do it right. Some do improper techniques, while others finish way too fast. As a result, the plaque inside the mouth is not completely removed.

The American Dental Association has set up the following guidelines to help people learn how to brush their teeth properly:

  1. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums.
  2. Use gentle and back-and-forth strokes when brushing the outside and chewing sides of the teeth. For the inner surface, up-and-down motion is recommended.
  3. Do not forget to brush the tongue, as well.
  4. Spend about two minutes when brushing, and do it twice daily.
  5. Rinse the toothbrush properly after use. Replace it every three to four months.

On the other hand, people with braces need to follow stricter guidelines because plaque may get caught in between the wires. Asking advice from a dental hygienist can help them deal with the problem.

Hard-to-Reach Areas in the Mouth

There are areas in the mouth that the toothbrush cannot reach and clean. After all, it is specially designed to clean the surface of the teeth only. So, according to experts, more than 50% of plaque remains even after a thorough brushing. Furthermore, these hard-to-reach places in the mouth become a breeding ground for different types of bacteria that can later cause gum disease.

To properly clean those areas, it is necessary to use other tools. A dental floss, for example, can help get rid of tiny food particles stuck in between teeth. Using mouthwash, meanwhile, effectively flushes away dirt and bacteria between the cheeks and gums, under the tongue, and the far back of the mouth.

Visit a Dentist Today

Aside from brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash, it is also important to visit your dental hygienist regularly and have your teeth cleaned by a professional. Call us at Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center to set an appointment with our dentists.

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