The Different Types of Dentures

When a person has missing teeth, dentists would often recommend getting a synthetic replacement. Dentures, which are also sometimes called “false teeth,” are fitted to patients for various reasons, like regaining confidence in their smile. They also prevent facial muscles from sagging and help people eat and chew their food better.

There are two main kinds of false teeth. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about each of them.


The partial option is recommended for those who are missing one or just a few of their teeth. The dentist will create a set of replacements and fit them to the person who needs to wear them. There are two types of partial false teeth. The first one is called a removable denture. It is hooked to the remaining teeth to ensure that it won’t fall while the person is chewing. Since it is removable, it is easier to clean compared to its fixed counterpart.

Fixed dentures, also called implant-supported bridges, use the surrounding teeth as “abutments” to support the false teeth. The cost of this type of denture depends on the number of teeth to be replaced.


If a patient needs to replace an entire set of teeth, a complete denture will most likely be recommended for them. This option is often the last resort if no other dental procedure can effectively restore the patient’s oral health.

Fitting a complete denture is quite complicated. All the natural teeth need to be extracted, and the gum tissues will take about 6 to 8 weeks to heal. Only after that time can the set of false teeth be worn. There are “immediate” options, but patients who want to try them should ask their dentist for professional advice.

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