Signs of Dental Implant Failure

One of the many ways to replace missing teeth is through dental implants. These are dental prostheses surgically inserted into your jaw to regain normal mouth functions. While implants are the more permanent tooth replacement option, some circumstances may still lead to dental implant failure.

Some possible causes of dental implant failure include implant misalignment, inaccurate impressions, infections, nerve damage, and poor oral hygiene. To find out if your dental implants have failed, watch out for some of these signs:

Severe Pain and Discomfort

Since dental implants require a surgical procedure, it’s normal to feel pain and discomfort afterward. But, if the painful sensations go on for weeks and don’t subside or become severe, there might be something wrong with your implant. Any discomfort when biting or chewing shouldn’t be ignored either and calls for a visit to your dentist.

Swelling and Inflammation

This is another common symptom after undergoing dental implant surgery. But, as with the pain, it should only be present for a few days following the procedure. Severe swelling and redness in your gums around the implant may indicate an infection. So, it’s best to talk to your dentist immediately at the first sign of this symptom.

Loose and Shifting Implant

Once the dental implants have been placed in your jaw, they should be firm and stable like your natural teeth. So, consulting your dentist is ideal if you feel like they’ve become loose or wobbly whenever you do normal mouth functions.

Gum Recession Around the Implant

When the gums around your implant start to recede, it’s a sign of dental implant failure. This happens when your gums reject the artificial replacement, typically caused by inadequate bone and tissue density or poorly placed implants. You will know your gums are receding if you notice a longer crown on your teeth or spot the metallic post under your gums.

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Now that you know about these signs, you can better determine whether your implants have failed. If you experience any of these dental implant failure symptoms, visit your dentist immediately. If you have missing teeth and want to improve your smile with dental implants, reach out to Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center.

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