Retainers vs Braces: What You Need To Know

Having a misaligned jaw and set of teeth is common. Some of their usual causes are genetics,
disease, or injury. Having these issues checked by an orthodontist is ideal, as they can affect
your ability to talk and eat. Thankfully, these problems are treatable by wearing dental
appliances, like braces and retainers. They usually depend on what your dentist finds more
applicable to your dental condition.

Both braces and retainers have the same goal of fixing the alignment of your teeth, but they
vary in many aspects. These include what their types are, how long you should wear them, and
at what point in your dental journey you should wear them. To learn more about the difference
between retainers vs. braces, listed below are some things you should know. 

What Are Braces?
Braces are fixed dental devices made up of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are glued to
the front of your teeth. A wire, usually made of materials like titanium alloy, is inserted to hold
them together, creating pressure that allows your teeth to move in the direction that corrects
their alignment. Braces are typically worn for about 1-3 years, and a regular visit to the dentist
will be required, as it needs constant adjustments.
Aside from traditional metal ones, there are other types of braces you can choose from,
depending on their cost and your preference. They include ceramic braces, lingual braces, and
clear aligners or Invisalign braces.

What Are Retainers?
Retainers, on the other hand, are orthodontic appliances made of metal or plastic. They’re
usually worn in the first few months after your braces have been removed to keep your newly
straightened teeth in place. They also allow your teeth and gum tissues to adjust and prevent
any relapse. Some may be advised to wear retainers every night for a lifetime, while others may
only have to keep them for a few months.

How Do I Know Which Suits Me?
Both of these devices are necessary tools for achieving the right alignment of your teeth. But as
mentioned, the best way to determine which of the two is more appropriate to your current
dental situation is to consult your dentist. 

Talk to Experts
The concept between retainers vs. braces is quite simple. Although certain characteristics
differentiate them from each other, both help fix the alignment of your teeth. But if you’re looking
for experts with whom you can talk more about them, contact us at Aegis Dental Group or
Angola Dental Center.

We have specialists who’ll explain to you all the procedures and options, especially if you’re
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