Protect Your Teeth: Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

Dentists aren’t there to scare us, they are there to help us improve our smiles and have healthy teeth. Unfortunately, people rarely see dentists as much as they should and their mouths suffer as a result. Roughly 32% of people state that they’re concerned by the look of their teeth, but that number is probably a lot larger.

Not going to the dentist is probably the worst mistake you can make that will put you on the fast tract to having severe dental issues, but there are plenty more things to avoid. Here are some common mistakes that you should beware of in order to maintain a strong and healthy smile.

  • Spending too much time with those chewy candies — It’s one thing to enjoy a small handful of gummy bears every once in a while. But it’s extremely damaging to your teeth if you do that on a consistent basis or eat much more than a small handful. Caramels and gummy candies can dislodge fillings in your mouth but they can also cause severe decay. Try to avoid these candies to the best of your ability but if you fall victim to their tastiness, make sure you thoroughly brush immediately afterwards.
  • Overdoing it with DIY dental care — You should brush twice a day, you should floss often, and you should watch what you eat and drink. But you should also be careful to not overdo it and spend too much time and energy searching for that perfect white smile. Over whitening your teeth can actually end up causing severe enamel loss and lead to further dental issues. Take care of your teeth, yes, but be careful while doing it.
  • Using your teeth to open things — Your teeth are not utensils. Don’t use them like you would a bottle opener or a pair of scissors. There are plenty of people out there that have excellent dental hygiene until it’s time to open a bag of chips and they use their chompers to rip through plastic. That’s not a good idea. Use your teeth for chewing food and that’s it.

Do your best to avoid these mistakes so your teeth can be strong and healthy for a long time. If you are in severe pain, contact emergency dentists right away. To find trusted dental professionals near you, contact Aegis Dental or Angola Dental today.

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