Different Kinds of Dental Emergencies

Brushing and flossing regularly are necessary for maintaining good oral health. But no matter how well people take care of their teeth, they may still need emergency dental services in Angola, Goshen, or Warsaw. Here are a few examples of those situations.

Tooth Fracture
A strong blow to the face, particularly near the mouth or jaw, can result in tooth fractures. It can damage more than one tooth, depending on the severity of the trauma. This kind of dental emergency commonly happens to those who play contact sports without wearing proper gear.

Any person who experiences this injury is advised to visit a dentist immediately to get proper treatment. Mild cases may be fixed with dental fillings to prevent the cracks in the tooth from getting larger. Severe injuries, however, may require extraction.

If a person is feeling a slight pain in their gums, it might be a sign that bacteria are accumulating in their mouth and damaging their teeth. It can soon lead to severe toothache, which can prevent them from chewing and eating properly. When this happens, it is necessary to visit a walk-in emergency dentist in Angola, Goshen, or Warsaw to get immediate treatment.

In the clinic, the dentist will first determine what caused the toothache. This will be done by asking the patient a few questions and thoroughly examining the affected area in the mouth. Several factors will be considered, including cavities, dental abscesses, or periodontal diseases. Determining the root cause of the problem is crucial in administering the right treatment.

Excessive Gum Bleeding
Bleeding gums is often a sign of gingivitis or other periodontal diseases, so it’s a common problem among those with poor dental hygiene. This causes an uneasy feeling and sometimes severe aching in the mouth. If the bleeding and pain do not stop, it might mean that their case is severe, and they need emergency dental treatment.

Visit an Emergency Dentist
If you ever experience any of these situations, be sure to seek emergency dental services in Angola, Goshen, or Warsaw right away. Call Aegis Dental Group or Angola Dental Center immediately to get the medical attention that you require.

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