Smile Giveaway


Enter yourself or someone you care about

You may enter yourself, or if you already have a great smile, you can win for
someone you care about – either by submitting their name or transferring your prize to them. ONLY NEW PATIENTS may be recipients of the prizes. Entries must be submitted online at or in person at one of our three office locations. Winners are chosen by random drawings and will be announced daily on radio, website & social media sites from December 1st – December 12th. Winners will receive a certificate by email or hard mail. You will have 1 year from December 12 to use the gift certificate. You must use the gift certificate from the office you were drawn from. Winners must be 18 years or older* Treatment restrictions may apply.

Angola Dental Center $1000 Winners:
Dec. 1: David Foley
Dec. 2: Lorrie Mosher
Dec. 3: Lori Knight
Dec. 4: Lisa Meek
Dec. 5: Sam Stuckey
Dec. 6: Judy Ritchie
Dec. 7: Katey Holloway
Dec. 8: Pam Ringler
Dec. 9: Johnny Rakes
Dec. 10: Kathleen Wileman
Dec. 11: Penny Russell
Dec. 12: Andrew Doan
$3000 Grand Prize Winner :  Joshua Lamb

Goshen | Aegis Dental Group $1000 Winners :
Dec. 1:  David Thompson
Dec. 2: Michelle Weldy
Dec. 3: Roy Jenkins
Dec. 4: Jennifer Cooks
Dec. 5: Sandra Magnus
Dec. 6: Wendy Hardcastle
Dec. 7: Sandy Clark
Dec. 8: Lashay Wilson
Dec. 9: Karen Knauss
Dec. 10: Melisa Birch
Dec. 11: Hannah Long
Dec. 12: Marty Hankins
$3000 Grand Prize Winner :  Jennifer Wright

Warsaw | Aegis Dental Group $1000 Winners : 
Dec. 1: Spencer Swift
Dec. 2: Scott Ellinger
Dec. 3: Priscilla Daugherty
Dec. 4: Philip Vincent
Dec. 5: Kailia Banschbacher
Dec. 6: Viviana Jenkins
Dec. 7: Vicki Robinson
Dec. 8: Kathy LeCount
Dec. 9: Jeremy Little
Dec. 10: Mark Matejka
Dec. 11: Cora Goodin
Dec. 12: Christopher Yates
$3000 Grand Prize Winner :  Celia Luna

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