Smile Giveaway


Enter yourself or someone you care about

You may enter yourself, or if you already have a great smile, you can win for
someone you care about – either by submitting their name or transferring your prize to them. ONLY NEW PATIENTS may be recipients of the prizes. Entries must be submitted online at or in person at one of our three office locations. Winners are chosen by random drawings and will be announced daily on radio, website & social media sites from December 1st – December 12th. Winners will receive a certificate by email or hard mail. You will have 1 year from December 12 to use the gift certificate. You must use the gift certificate from the office you were drawn from. Winners must be 18 years or older* Treatment restrictions may apply.

Angola Dental Center $1000 Winners:
Day 1:  Denise Ries
Day 2: Kelsey Ramirez
Day 3: Heidi Rawson
Day 4: Heather Handshoe
Day 5: A. Biallas
Day 6: Laurie Eitniear
Day 7: Joseph Harris
Day 8:  Mark Johnson
Day 9: Betty Richardson
Day 10: Kelsey Ramirez 
Day 11: Sherrie Dempsey
Day 12: Roy Harpenau
$3000 Grand Prize Winner : Jana Martin

Goshen | Aegis Dental Group $1000 Winners : 
Day 1: Deloris J. Greer
Day 2: Merle Hostetler
Day 3: Judy Emily
Day 4: Eric Lackey
Day 5: Tommy Hutkins
Day 6: Theresa Damron
Day 7: Maria Gonzalez
Day 8: Teresa Eash
Day 9: Courtney Williamson
Day 10: Cameron Southern
Day 11: Debbie Davis
Day 12: Douglas Decker
$3000 Grand Prize Winner : Juanita Friesen

Warsaw | Aegis Dental Group $1000 Winners : 
Day 1: Monica Ho
Day 2: Julie Kerkhoff
Day 3: Matt Banta
Day 4: Donna Gayle Woodling
Day 5: John Neer
Day 6: Danielle Dabler
Day 7: Donna Turcois
Day 8:  Andrea Bradford
Day 9: Sandra Johnson
Day 10: Autumn McKenna
Day 11: Rhonda Chapman
Day 12: Robert Nine
$3000 Grand Prize Winner : Dianna Steiner


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