Smile Giveaway


Enter yourself or someone you care about

You may enter yourself, or if you already have a great smile, you can win for
someone you care about – either by submitting their name or transferring your prize to them. ONLY NEW PATIENTS may be recipients of the prizes. Entries must be submitted online at or in person at one of our three office locations. Winners are chosen by random drawings and will be announced daily on radio, website & social media sites from December 1st – December 12th. Winners will receive a certificate by email or hard mail. You will have 1 year from December 12 to use the gift certificate. You must use the gift certificate from the office you were drawn from. Winners must be 18 years or older* Treatment restrictions may apply.

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Angola Dental Center $1000 Winners:
Day 1: Ashley Friedel
Day 2: James Foster
Day 3: Nicole Meae
Day 4: Diane Northrup
Day 5: Cassandra Herzberg
Day 6: Karen Smith
Day 7: Keith Beck
Day 8:  Pamela Davenport
Day 9: Reed Steffen
Day 10: Shamayne Neesley
Day 11: Kelsey Ramirez
Day 12: Laurel Carper
$3000 Grand Prize Winner : Toni Kline

Goshen | Aegis Dental Group $1000 Winners : 
Day 1: Oscar Gibson
Day 2: Robin Peters
Day 3: Maxine Brogdon
Day 4: Martin Scholl
Day 5: Chris Walkowiak
Day 6: Drew Nelson
Day 7: Sharon Parahams
Day 8: Heather Smith
Day 9: Jenny Wilson
Day 10: Kim Riegsecker
Day 11: Amy Sturma
Day 12: Deb Hockert
$3000 Grand Prize Winner : Verl Lahr

Warsaw | Aegis Dental Group $1000 Winners : 
Day 1: Kayla Finney
Day 2: Stacia Wilkerson
Day 3: Crystal Lenig
Day 4: Terry Jordan
Day 5: Christy Roatcap
Day 6: Eric Chupp
Day 7: Dianna Steiner
Day 8:  William Smith
Day 9: Anna Gann
Day 10: Alisha Coon
Day 11: Aimee Ellinger
Day 12: Jessica Green
$3000 Grand Prize Winner : Jodie Wallace

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