Smile Giveaway


Enter yourself or someone you care about

You may enter yourself, or if you already have a great smile, you can win for someone you care about either by submitting their name or transferring your prize to them. ONLY NEW PATIENTS may be recipients of the prizes. Entries must be submitted here below or in person at one of our office locations. Winners are chosen by random drawings and will be announced daily on radio, website & social media sites from December 1st – December 12th. Winners will receive a certificate by email. * Treatment restrictions may apply.

Enter Giveaway Below

Angola Dental Center $1000 Winners:
Day 1: Ada Slane
Day 2: Larry Wheeler
Day 3: Hannah Sleesman
Day 4: Brandon Nelson
Day 5: Amy Brandt
Day 6: Austin Miotto
Day 7: Marie Smith
Day 8:  Haley Delucenay
Day 9: Deborah Kaufman
Day 10: Cheryl Hart
Day 11: Cynthia Montgomery
Day 12: Shawn Peet
$3000 Grand Prize Winner : Jessica Suardini

Aegis Dental Group $1000 Winners:
Day 1: Brian Vanderheyden
Day 2: Christina Rodriguez
Day 3: Tara Horan
Day 4: Abraham Medellin
Day 5:  Syconie Robb
Day 6: Alisha Sebring
Day 7: Melanie White
Day 8: Rachel Baldwin
Day 9: Josh Plank
Day 10: Anthony Guthrie
Day 11: Ryan Brightbill
Day 12: Tina Greyer
$3000 Grand Prize Winner : Dustan Sebasty

Wait.. do you want a second entry into the Smile Giveaway?

Simply bring in a canned or dry good to one of our locations and receive a second entry! It is that easy! All items will be donated to local food banks!