denturesAnxiety and dental issues are closely related and each issue often leads to the other. Whether it's just being nervous about taking care of your teeth, constantly thinking that something is wrong with your oral health, or needing dentures, anxiety and nerves can lead to serious issues among people of any age.

Here are some common oral issues relating to anxiety.

  • Nervousness about your physical appearance -- Roughly 18% of people admit that they purposely hide their teeth in photos. If you're worried about your teeth, you could potentially develop a serious issue with your own appearance and will constantly attempt to your conceal your teeth in pictures, while you're eating, and even as you try and hold back your smile.

  • Constantly grinding your teeth -- Another anxiety-related oral issue is teeth grinding. This is a nervous tick for many people but it can eventually lead to much more serious teeth issues. Even if the reason you're grinding your teeth has nothing to do with your oral health in the first place, after a while, it will cause severe damage.

  • Obsessively worrying about losing your teeth -- Another common fear is worrying about losing teeth or having them randomly fall out of your mouth. Whether you've lost a tooth in the past or not, this is still a major cause of concern for many people.

  • Acid reflux and additional tooth damage -- Although anxiety can't directly cause acid reflux, it can make you much more susceptible to this problem and lead to further enamel damage.

  • Neglecting dental care and oral hygiene -- When people start having problems with their teeth and begin feeling anxious about their smile, sadly, many people stop caring for their teeth altogether. This can lead to horrible problems, which is why it's important to seek professional dental assistance no matter what.

  • Having an extremely dry mouth -- Anxiety and dental issues can also lead to dry mouth, which can cause further damage to your mouth.

Although dental implants may seem scary, they are a safe and easy way to improve your smile. If you want to learn more about the anxieties involved with major dental issues or find some affordable dentures, talk to professional and trusted dentists. At Angola Dental and Aegis Dental, we offer free oral sedation and same-day surgery and dentures so you never have to go a day without your smile.

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