tooth extractionWhether you're in need of having your wisdom teeth taken out, which is a very common procedure that is performed on 5 million Americans each year, or having a serious problem with a tooth or two, tooth extraction might be your best bet. The extraction process has become more common and is much less invasive than in previous years.

If you have an extraction procedure coming up, it's okay to feel a little scared. But there is really nothing to worry about. Hopefully these reasons will help ease your mind about your upcoming tooth extraction.

There Are Not As Painful As They Used to Be
Because of the innovations within the dental industry over the last few years the extraction procedure is virtually painless. In the past, removing a tooth involved a lot of pain and would be difficult for the patient to sit through an entire procedure. But now, it's extremely quick, involves only a minor amount of aftercare, and is pretty much painless. The only pain involved, for the most part, is the pain that you'll feel before you actually schedule your extraction. The tooth in question will cause much more pain than the removal process and you'll feel almost immediate relief after the tooth is extracted.

There Are Great Options Available After Your Procedure
Even if you have to have multiple, or even all, of your teeth extracted due to serious dental issues, there are plenty of options that you can choose after your procedure to get back to having a healthy, strong, and attractive smile. If you are lacking a high number of teeth, you might want to consider dentures. There are quality affordable dentures you can find that will make your mouth look great. If you only have a few missing teeth, however, dental implants are your best bet because they have the exact look and feel of original teeth.

Dentists Will Provide You With Everything You Need to Know
Our experienced dentists will help you understand exactly what the procedure consisted of and what you're going to need to do in the following days, weeks, and months after your extraction. You'll learn about what kinds of painkillers you'll be prescribed and when to take them, how to properly control any bleeding with gauze, and you'll also learn best practices on how to give your body some rest and provide your mouth with plenty of time to heal.

If you are still worried about your upcoming tooth extraction, call our office and talk to our dental team about the procedure. Just remember to stay calm and enjoy your new smile!

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